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Vehicles play a vital role in the success of any operation. To help understand that role, Ford listens to the experts; the people managing and driving fleets of all sizes every day.

By combining these insights with our unrivalled knowledge of Ford vehicles, we create powerful telematics and data derived solutions. These solutions are designed to address the daily challenges faced by fleet professionals like you.

Commercial Solutions video

Ford Telematics and Ford Data Services are simple but powerful solutions. Delivering high-quality vehicle data, information and insights from your fleet, right to your fingertips. Take a look at our video for more details.

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Ford Telematics for fleet


Our manufacturer-grade telematics hardware and software have been engineered in conjunction with the Ford vehicles your fleet uses every day. This means that they work together seamlessly to deliver solutions that are easy to implement and can have an immediate positive impact on your operational effectiveness. Our products are continually evolving too, so that you’ll always benefit from the latest telematics solutions, direct from Ford.


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Ford Transit Chassis Cab on building site
Ford fleet being inspected by person


We want to help make every day less stressful, which is why our telematics and data solutions are engineered to be easy to implement and easy to use. The answers to the challenges you face every day are available whenever you need them. This reduces the time you spend analyzing vehicle data or integrating third party systems, and gives you more time to focus on managing your operation.

Ford Commercial Solution Telematics Software


Ford Telematics™ is your gateway to our wide range of solutions. This simple, yet powerful tool delivers manufacturer-grade information, insights and solutions right to your fingertips. The easy-to-use interface enables you to manage your fleet in real-time and quickly assess where you need to take action. It’s software that helps you optimize your fleet.

Find out more about Ford Telematics™

Ford Connected Data Services


Whether you need vehicle data integrated with your proprietary software or accessible through your existing partner networks, our open platform provides easy access to clean, secure vehicle data engineered to work with the tools and people you know and trust.

✓  Ford engineered: integrated vehicle and data expertise

✓  Manufacturer-grade vehicle data accuracy and data access

✓  Security and data permission management

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Find out more about Ford Data Services™

Discover what Ford Telematics and Ford Data Services can bring to your operation.

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